Microsoft Dynamics GP

Unified Dynamics is proud to include Microsoft Dynamics GP as a supported solution

Unified Dynamics is excited to offer our expertise with the Fixed Asset Management and Payroll HRM modules of the  Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution.

Fixed Asset Management: create, define and manage an unlimited number of assets. Features standard fields and up to 15 user-defined fields with graphical user interface. Numerous depreciation methods available to automate depreciation routines. Integration into General Ledger to post depreciation journals and into Payables Management to pull in purchase information to fixed assets. Location IDs to aid inventory management: matching actual with recorded location. Information-sharing enabled with standard and custom reports.

Fixed assets are items a company owns and uses in its operation. Fixed assets do not include assets used for resale purposes, such as inventory, and those held on a temporary or short-term basis. Examples of fixed assets include:

  • Equipment
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Buildings
  • Leasehold improvements

Human Resource Management

US Payroll, is full-featured and allows setting up, entering, and maintaining employee payroll records and transactions. Employee cards are the foundation of your U.S. Payroll system, Employee cards are used to keep your U.S. Payroll information up to date. You can view current and historical payroll information and pay activity for one employee or a group of employees.

You also can use U.S. Payroll to complete the following tasks:

  • Set up employee classes to create default entries that can make data entry quicker for new employee records because the payroll information is grouped according to common factors, such as pay codes and positions
  • Create batches that you use just one time, or create recurring batches for transactions that you enter on a regular basis, such as weekly payroll
  • Use the reconciling process to check for discrepancies in employee financial information and for differences between detail records and summary records
  • Prepare U.S. Payroll reports to analyze payroll activity and identify errors in transaction entry

Canadian Payroll is also full-featured and allows you to control the timing and delivery of the payroll to your employees. It can be set to print cheques or deposit directly to the employees account so there is no change to the process flow. It will handle almost all payroll issues that you may be facing, as well as providing integrated transactions. It easily produces both T4’s and T4A’s as required and allows you to electronically file them with the CRA. This is all included with your enhancement fee for Dynamics GP so there is no additional software cost to deploy.

Human Resources: A module to build comprehensive records of employees to include attendance tracking, run “what if” scenarios with salary adjustment projections, access to numerous standard and customizable templates to streamline the recruitment process, standardize the process for performance reviews, facilitate information-sharing with seamless integration to GP payroll and general ledger applications.