Infor IPS (Infor Public Sector)

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Infor Public Sector Overview

You know how tough it is to provide the citizens of your state, city, or county with high-quality services when your budget is shrinking and regulations are increasing. With Infor Public Sector solutions you can cut costs, get the information you need, when you need it in order to comply with a constantly growing list of regulations and requirements, and  better manage your infrastructure.

Discover how to see clearly into all areas of your agency and improve service to your citizens with Infor’s Public Sector software.

Infor Public Sector solutions

Utility Billing CDR/CDR Billing CRM Asset Management Work Management 
Field Services  GIS 

Customer Service


Call Center


The Infor Public Sector difference

Infor Public Sector software is designed specifically to meet the needs of state and local governments, and municipal authorities. This collection of local government software solutions, which leverage more than 25 years of Infor expertise in the public sector, are being used by more than 1,000 local and state governments, and municipal authorities worldwide to successfully address their information technology challenges. 

Infor Public Sector software combines functional capabilities specially designed for government business processes and several strategic Infor enterprise solutions to create a single platform for the optimization of assets and delivery of high-quality, day-to-day government services. Improve the efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy of utility and other local agency billing processes with our utility billing software and water utility billing software. Make your permitting process more flexible and efficient with our permit management software, and streamline intergovernmental data sharing and workflow to drastically reduce costs and improve productivity and revenue with our licensing and code enforcement software. Get a grip on your finances with our public sector budgeting software. Dramatically improve your decision making, your organizational visibility, and your ability to deliver services to the citizens you serve with Infor Public Sector solutions.